We know first hand how important and special a wedding is for a couple – and we want to help make it just a little more magical! Traditionally, weddings are shot from ground cameras which are amazing for close personal moments, but sometimes can’t quite capture the beauty and scale of an incredible wedding venue or church. That’s where drones come in. From Dallas to Buda, we’ve worked with couples across Texas to capture incredible aerial photos and videos of their wedding venues. We can provide these directly to your ground videographer/photographer who can then splice them into a single cohesive video or we can create a separate video entirely from our own shots if you prefer.

Here are just a couple shots we’ve captured in the past to give you some ideas:

  • Drone videos and photos of the wedding venue before the ceremony starts if outdoor
  • Photos of the bride and bridesmaids or groom and groomsmen laying down looking up at the drone
  • Photos and videos of the guests at the outdoor reception venue
  • Video flying through the wedding arch

These are a few clips from a wedding we shot at Le San Michele in Buda, Texas a few years ago. It is an incredible venue and its beauty can really only be truly realized when viewed from the sky.

A couple contacted us to film their wedding cruise on Lady Bird Lake in the center of downtown Austin. It was a lot of fun chasing them down the river as they went along and we got some great shots of them floating into the sunset with Austin in the background.

Because of the noise of the drone when flying, we recommend not filming during the ceremony – even outdoors. We recommend doing the drone before or after the ceremony and possibly the reception depending on which shots you want to get.

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