The state bird of Texas is the crane – the construction crane. Austin is booming and new buildings are being constructed every day. From homes to offices to corporate warehouses, we can help your construction business with any of your aerial imaging needs.

Aerial construction photos and videos have many advantages that can help your company:

  • Drones are a great way to capture new large construction projects by showing the full site in a single shot from unique and new angles vs. what is viewable from the ground.
  • Show off your work proudly with a sleek promotional video and high definition photos to help close your next contract and get new business.
  • Drones can easily inspect and check on areas that would be dangerous or difficult for a human to access.
  • Get a pre-construction picture of how a 2nd, 3rd, or… 40th story vista will look to see if your client will be able to see downtown from their future home or office.
Cranes working on welding a warehouse building for a large corporation

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