A lot of realtors wonder if drone photos and videos are worth the cost – if they actually add any benefit beyond the traditional ground photos. Here are 5 reasons why every realtor should be using drones:


1. Drones Unlock A Property’s Full Potential

Sometimes a traditional photo just doesn’t do a home justice. Waterfront vistas, rooftop verandas, or even just a nice backyard are sometimes impossible to properly capture on the ground. A drone allows a realtor to take full advantage of every facet of a home.


2. Drones Highlight A Home’s Unique Character

A list of exterior features is good, some traditional photos are better. But, neither can truly portray the way a home actually feels. An exterior drone fly-through of every angle and feature is the only way a realtor can truly translate that feeling to a potential buyer.
Here is a video we made for a fantastic modern home in Texas. As you can see, there are many aspects of the home that could never be captured as well by traditional means:


3. Drones Show Off The Surrounding Neighborhood

When you buy a home, you don’t just get the house – you also get the neighborhood. Neighborhoods have a huge impact on a home’s value and a buyer’s perception of it. Aerial photos can show the location of a home, the distance to nearby parks or schools, and their commute to their job. A good realtor knows how to pair a buyer with a neighborhood that fits their lifestyle and aerial drone photos can help a realtor do that more effectively.


4. Drones Make Your Listings Eye-Catching

Every home is unique, but sometimes it may not feel that way to buyers. Looking through hundreds of listings on Zillow can get tiresome and eventually all homes start to blur together. By using aerial photos and videos, a realtor can make their listings stand out and be more memorable to a buyer.


5. Drones Make Every Home Feel Upscale

Whether you’re listing a multi-million dollar mansion on Lake Austin or a quaint bungalow on the east side, drone photos and video can make it feel luxurious. There is something special and unique about aerial imagery that can’t be beat.